The completion of the Munda International Airport Terminal will boost the tourism sector says the Minister of Communication and Aviation (MCA) Hon. Peter Shanel Agovaka.

He was speaking during a ground-breaking ceremony in Munda on Friday to begin the construction of the new multi-million-dollar terminal.

China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation (CCECC) will begin the construction of the new terminal after it won the bid in 2020 for approximately USD7 million with funding assistance from World Bank through the Solomon Islands Roads and Aviation Project (ISIRAP).

“The upgrade of facilities will bring more business opportunities including increased activities in the tourism sector,” Minister Agovaka said.

He added that it is a proud moment for the populous in Munda to host such a fine and modern piece of airport infrastructure only the second of such in the country

“It is also a proud moment for Western Province as hosts for the important infrastructure and we do acknowledge the original landowners for that matter.”

He said upgrade of the Munda Airport in the past years was part of the government's programme through MCA to improve safety, promote tourism and business development especially in Western Province

Minister Agovaka said the aviation sector is moving in the right direction with 80% of national airports upgraded in driving the government policy of providing access and connectivity for citizens for both domestic and international connection to enable business and trade to grow in a safe environment.

“To my good people of Munda please respect such infrastructures and utilize the business opportunities presented because of these upgrades to facilities.”

CCECC Country Manager Huang Pengfei said the Munda International Airport Terminal Building project is of great significance to Solomon Islands and Western Province’s foreign exchanges and economic development.

He said CCECC will strictly follow the instructions of the Employer and the Engineer, standardize the construction, contribute the wisdom, diligence and sweat of CCECC, and show the spiritual outlook and social responsibility of CCECC.

“We believe that with the care and support of the Solomon Islands Government and Western Province Government, and the care and help of people, we will work closely with the Employer and Engineer to complete the Munda International Airport terminal building project successfully on the premise of ensuring the quality of the project.

“We will continue to establish the reputation and brand of CCECC and make our great efforts and contributions to the infrastructure construction of Solomon Islands,” Mr. Pengfei added.

Amongst those who witnessed the ground-breaking ceremony were Minister of Finance and Treasury Hon. Harry Kuma, Minister of Justice, and Legal Affairs Hon. Clezy Rore and Member of Parliament for West New Georgia-Vona Vona Hon. Silas Tausinga.